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Saturday, April 20, 2024

10 Credible Traditional Wedding Alaga To Engage With In 2024



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By Smartbrandsmedia

A new year has began and many single ladies and gentlemen have set goals to tie the knot this year.

If there’s one aspect of weddings that many cannot wish away, it is the traditional wedding. Why? We are Africans and we cherish our culture.

Talking about culture, there are exceptional Traditional Wedding Anchors known as ALAGAS that bring tradition, colour and beauty to your weddings. Some of them deserve your engagement because of their expertise and experience.

Here’s a spotlight of 10  Alagas you can confidently engage with as you plan your wedding this year.

In no particular order. Enjoy the read

Ebony B  Alaga

Bolanle Awe Biobaku, the force behind Ebony B Alaga, boasts an impressive 19 years in the Alaga industry. Specializing in Alaga services, MC, Eru Iyawo Purchasing, Eru Iyawo Wrapping, Customized Letters, and Rentals of Props and accessories.

The unique selling point (USP) of Ebony B Alaga lies in anchoring events with prayer and counseling for the couple, A private Councellors to Bride and Groom – to-be on personal matter and about their D-Day,relationship the affectionate title of “Ìdílè Alàyò” (Happy Home )and She has trained more than 40 Apprentices!

Due to her efficiency and God’s Grace upon her, she had Anchored events for Former Ondo state Governor Ayodele Fayose, wrapped beautiful Eruyawo for Actor Kunleremi Kttv24, Oba of Iwo land, Anchored for Jade kudos son, Former Governor of Oyo state daughter Rasheed Ladoja Adewolu!and many dignitaries people Events.

The brand’s credibility is fortified through efficiency and active participation in the Oyo State Association of Professional Wedding Engagement Consultants (Apwencon), where Bolanle holds the position of Assistant Secretary.

Clients can connect with Ebony B Alaga through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Associations she belongs to include Alaga Toh Standard, Exceptional Alaga, Alaga on Top, Elite Alaga, and lbadan Events Directory (lED) Events Management Community)EMC)YWCC Holding certificates from these associations, Ebony B Alaga stands as a beacon of quality in the industry.

Over 19 years, Ebony B Alaga has expanded her  reach, covering all Nigerian states. The goal for this year is to extend the brand’s presence beyond Nigeria.

Her active community involvement, collaborations, and knowledge-sharing through workshops.

She is a Lover of all,recently she granted interview DMGTV!

showcase the brand’s commitment to tradition and excellence, further building trust with clients and the community.

For inquiries on her brand: or on Instagram: @_ebony_b, Ebony B Alaga page on Facebook,Facebook Bolanle Awe Biobaku,TikTok Ebony B Alaga WhatsApp: 08177569583.


Kbee Alaga Events

Meet Olamolu Qubrat Arike, the brain  behind Kbee Alaga Events.

Established in 2020,  Kbee Alaga is a brand that specialises in various services which include;  Alaga iduro/ijoko, Eru  idana Vendor, Traditional wedding academy, Pre-marital counseling and Consultancy

Her brand comprises of  Young, vibrant, prayerful professionals, rich in culture and language  that  makes your events memorable  without fundraising pressure.

In a bid to serve clients better Kbee Alaga has given herself to various  industry trainings,  Seminars, conferences, Collaboration with other top vendors.

She is a member of APWECON, The Exceptional Alagas, Well Water Gathering Tribe and in league with  The Event Business Clinic and The Event Manager Community  with several certification to her credit.

Get in touch with Kbee Alaga Events for a culturally rich and memorable celebration!


– Mobile: 08084807377

– IG handle: [@Kbeealagaevents](

– Email:


Oppyjay Alaga

Meet Kudaisi  Rachael Opelopejesu the founder of the brand known as Oppjay Alaga.

The brand Oppyjay Alaga has solidified her reputation by consistently delivering authentic and meaningful events. The brand’s expertise in traditional weddings has not only garnered positive testimonials but also led to various award nominations, showcasing her commitment to excellence.

The brand actively engages with the community through events,  with cultural figures, and partnerships with other experts. Sharing knowledge through workshops and publications not only showcases expertise but also contributes to the brand’s credibility.

Maintaining transparency in practices and upholding traditional values have been pivotal in building trust among clients and the community. This commitment further strengthens Oppyjay Alaga’s standing as a reliable choice for traditional wedding ceremonies.

As an entrepreneur specializing in traditional wedding compering, clients can engage with Oppyjay Alaga through various avenues. These include consultation services, event hosting, and the provision of Eru Iyawo services, which encompasses buying items, wrapping, design, and beautiful set-up.

Oppyjay Alaga proudly identifies with the esteemed association, “The Exceptional Alága,” reflecting a commitment to excellence and standing out in the realm of traditional wedding compere services.

In summary, Oppyjay Alaga stands as a beacon of credibility, actively involved in the community, and dedicated to upholding traditional values in the realm of traditional wedding compere services. The brand’s association with “The Exceptional Alága” underlines its commitment to excellence within the industry.

You can reach out to her on:

IG: oppyjay_alaga

Phone: 2348162599459



Meet Yemisi Ajisegiri, the creative director of the YEMYEMALAGA  concept.

Established for Over 15 years , YEMYEMALAGA is  a brand  known  for  creating  Unforgetable experiences when it comes to traditional weddings and engagements.

Her services and products are Traditional Compere (Alagaijoko and Alagaiduro), Birthdays/Event Surprises, Eruiyawo, Liveband, MC, Trainings etc.

What makes her exceptional in the industry is her passion driven commitment in ensuring top-notch service delivery. Her other unique selling points are her:

Channeling God’s presence through heartfelt chants, Unique liveband performances for an elevated experience,Unparalleled client support, blending spirituality with events

YEMYEMALAGA is also known for her credibility and assurance of Honesty, integrity, teamwork and love at core.

Ajisegiri is  a  Member of Exceptional Alaga, Achievers Alaga, Champion Alaga associations, she has also attended several trainings to her credit.

Originating in Warri, Yemyemalaga has expanded to offer diverse celebratory services, redefining celebrations with passion, spirituality, and excellence. Engage with her for an unforgettable experience.

To contact her brand

-Social Handles: Yemyemalaga on Instagram and Facebook

Phone:07060559887, 08027620685)



Annie PoshAlaga

Aderonke Oduwole is  an exceptional Alaga to watch out for, she is the brain behind Annie-Posh Alaga.

She is known as  an Alaga Extraordinaire who  specialises in different services and products such as the  Traditional Wedding Compere (Alagaijoko/AlagaIsuro), Eru- Iyawo Set Up, Venue Decoration amongst  others.

What sets her apart is her  ability to create a ceremony that not only respects tradition but also feels deeply meaningful and authentic to the couple, ensuring their wedding day is a true reflection of their love story.

Aderonke’s credibility is demonstrated through positive client testimonials,  her commitment to spiritual and cultural authenticity, and her  continuous efforts to enhance her hosting skills through training and professional development.

Clients can engage with Annie Posh- Alaga  through various  means,  including direct inquiries via email or phone, scheduling consultations for personalized discussions you can also follow her social media platforms for updates and testimonials.

The association she belong to are The Exceptional Alaga Tribe, Alagas in Canada Group amongs others.

Since inception, her brand has grown significantly  through positive word-of-mouth referrals, expanding her online presence and networking with other wedding professionals.

To contact Annie-Posh Alaga:

email:; +19029431886; Instagram: annieposhalagaservices

FB: annieposhalaga


Ewajesu Alagaiyawo

Meet  Adenike Orimolade, the experienced entrepreneur behind Ewajesu Alagaiyawo, with over 20 years in the business. Specializing in traditional wedding compere, engagement item wrapping, customized engagement letters, Asooke vendor services, and market runs. Ewajesu Alagaiyawo’s Unique selling points ( USP) lies in delivering detailed and accurate services, setting them apart in a competitive market.

Proving credibility through transparent communication and providing value beyond products, Adenike engages clients through feedback, meaningful content creation, social media posts, and their website. Affiliated with WWGT, Adenike holds certifications from Busy Bee Business Summit, TEA Conference, and Business Clinic.

Ewajesu Alagaiyawo’s growth is evident in consistently adding new businesses. For business engagement, reach out via email at or, Instagram handle – ewajesu-beulah, and phone: 08028581080. Trust in Adenike’s expertise for a memorable traditional wedding experience.


Alaga Toh Bam – Where Tradition Meets Trend!

Meet Heritage Ola, the creative entrepreneur behind  Alaga Toh Bam, with over five years experience in the business. Alaga Toh Bam is a brand known for her touch of excellence in delivering her services. Specializing in Yoruba traditional wedding compère,Alaga Ijoko and Iduro services, Eru Iyawo packaging and setups, Sales of Engagement letters   and Training services.

Alaga Toh Bam evidently have got her own unique selling points which stands her out  in the market place and these includes her Punctuality,  Commitment to events attended personally,Time Management,  Efficient event coordination,Graceful Communication :and  Avoidance of vulgar or unreasonable language..

Her brand has  also  teamed up with  some credible  associations in the industry  some of which is the  Exceptional Alaga Tribe and  The Well Watered Garden Tribe of Busybee Event Summits.

She has also attended several trainings with different certificates to proof.

Since inception her brand has grown significantly with about  150, 000 followers all across social media, Exceptional voice modulation for videographers and Improved wardrobe management.

For Client Engagement you can reach out to   Alaga Toh Bam on her:

Instagram: @alaga_toh_bam

– TikTok: @alaga_toh_bam

– Facebook: Alaga Toh Bam

– Phone/WhatsApp: 08100568168

– Email:



Meet Mrs. Raji Bolatito, the seasoned Alaga behind the brand ALAGATOHFOCUS, with a remarkable six years of experience in the business.

ALAGATOHFOCUS has experienced significant growth through strategic rebranding, thriving on referrals, and maintaining a strong presence on social media platforms.

She specializes in ALAGAIJOKO/ALAGAIDURO, ERU IYAWO purchasing and setup, sales of engagement letters, and a captivating collection of rings.

Mrs. Bolatito has built capacity through continuous education, attending seminars, participating in online lectures, and being an active member of APWECON.

She has giving to self development through seminars, active participation in online lectures and conferences, and membership in the esteemed APWECON.

Setting ALAGATOHFOCUS apart in a competitive market is its commitment to excellence in delivery.

Clients can easily engage with ALAGATOHFOCUS through email, WhatsApp messages, Instagram, and Facebook, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

The brand aligns with prestigious associations such as EXCEPTIONAL ALAGAS, CLASSIC ALAGA, and APWECON.

Mrs. Bolatito holds the coveted UPGRADE CLASS certification, a testament to her credibility and capability in the industry.

For business engagement, reach out to ALAGATOHFOCUS through


IG: @alaga_tofocus

Phone: 8141285326

Facebook: Focus entertainment media


Amoke Alaga

Meet Dr Abiola Olaoluwakitan Deborah, the visionary behind “Amoke Alaga Events.” Amoke  has successfully navigated the world of traditional engagement ceremonies for an impressive 15 years. Amoke Alaga Events offers a range of services and products, ensuring a holistic approach to traditional celebrations.

The services include Traditional Engagement Compering (Alaga iduro and Ijoko), handled with precision and a keen sense of time consciousness.

She’s the brain behind”Boxed by Amoke Alaga” a  a special service that elevates bethrotal items with statement-making proposals and acceptance letters.

“Styled by Amoke Alaga” takes care of Aso oke, Aso ebi, and ready-to-wear outfits, while” Esho by Amoke offers unique luxury jewelry, beads, and accessories.

Amidst competition, Amoke Olaoluwakitan Deborah sets herself apart with a distinct set of values. Time consciousness is a priority, avoiding unnecessary delays and turning events into fundraisers. Detailed attention to parents and the couple ensures a personalized and memorable experience. The use of respectful language, coupled with a commitment to prayer, further distinguishes her in the industry.

The brand’s credibility is underscored by an impressive list of over 30 award nominations, including prestigious ones like ELOY AWARDS, OSTRA AWARDS, EWA AWARDS, BLINGZ AWARDS, PERA AWARDS, OYO ULTIMATE & PEPVAN AWARDS. Having anchored engagements for prominent personalities, such as Sir Adebutu Kezzington, Obat Oil, Hon Ademola Kasunmu, Hon Debo Ogundoyin, Bishop Taiwo Adelakun and Oba Tejuosho to mention a few, adds a touch of prestige to Amoke Alaga Events.

Engaging with Amoke Alaga is made easy for clients through multiple channels. The brand is a proud member of various event associations, including APPOEMN, ASSEV, PEPVAN, TheExceptionalAlagas, WWGT, IEV, IBH showcasing its commitment to industry collaboration. She has attended several upgrade classes and conferences in the event industry with Certifications which further attests to the brand’s credibility and capability.

Since its inception, Amoke Alaga Events has experienced remarkable growth. The staff strength has expanded from 3 to 35 people, with additional walk-in stores in Ibadan opposite Mauve 21 Events Centre. The brand has contributed to skill development by training over 100 individuals and conducting 5 master classes in 4 years. Having anchored over 250 traditional engagements solidifies Amoke Alaga’s position as a trusted industry leader.

For business engagements, Amoke Alaga can be reached via email at or on Instagram at @amokealaga, @boxedbyamokealaga, @styledbyamokealaga. For direct contact, you can call 08032561156.


Queenyetty Alaga

Meet Fadahunsi Oluwatosin Yetunde the creative force behind the Queenyettyalaga wedding events.

When you are looking for a traditional wedding anchor that understands the uniqueness of every couple, it is Queenyettyalaga.

She has been in the Alaga Iduro/Alagaijoko business for 8 years.  Her unique selling points include being dedicated, time-cautious, respectful, trendy, and godly.

To establish credibility, she holds certification as a trained Alaga and operates from a well-known office at Joke Plaza Bodija, Ibadan. Fadahunsi has also trained over 10 students during her career.

In terms of client engagement, she emphasizes listening, acceptance, and meeting clients’ demands.

Fadahunsi is actively involved in various professional associations, including being a zonal leader of APWECON (Association of Professional Wedding and Engagement Coordinators Nigeria) and a member of Exceptional Alaga Tribe, Well Watered Garden Tribe, Pepvan, and Ibadan Event Vendors.

Her commitment to professionalism and her extensive involvement in relevant associations demonstrate her credibility and capability in the field of Alaga services.

Queenyettyalaga is also,shows her skill in buying, wrapping and setting up of sophisticated Eru-Iyawo

She is an award winning Alaga and married to a Methodist Church Nigeria Minister to the glory of God



Phone: 08067309558