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Saturday, July 13, 2024



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Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has been nominated as one of

the four African partners in the GreenVETAfrica project, according to a

release from the authority.

GreenVETAfrica project is an Erasmus+ project funded, by the European

Commission, seeking to integrate unemployed youth and vulnerable groups

into the labour markets in Nigeria and Ghana, by offering technical and

entrepreneurial training on green waste management.

The Green Waste Management and Micro Entrepreneurship Vocational

Education Training project, aims to contribute to the twin transitions

(Green and Digital), in alignment with the ambitious environmental

objectives of the European Green Deal and the Europe – Africa strategic


Commenting on the nomination, the Managing Director/CEO of LAWMA, Mr.

Ibrahim Odumboni, noted that it was delightful that LAWMA was a part of

the project, as it aligned with the Authority’s mandate of providing an

efficient and sustainable waste management system in Lagos State.

Odumboni said, “LAWMA is committed to promoting a sustainable

environment and a circular development model that will transform linear

economy into a circular one. This project aligns with the agency’s

vision to promote sustainable development and create job opportunities

for the youth in Lagos, Nigeria. As a responsible waste management

authority, LAWMA believes that waste is a resource and can be

transformed into a valuable asset. The GreenVETAfrica project will equip

young Nigerians with the skills to manage waste sustainably, promote a

circular economy, and reduce the negative impact of waste on the

environment’, he said.

He noted further that, as one of the beneficiaries of the GreenVETAfrica

project, LAWMA would strengthen its training capacities to offer a green

waste management vocational training programme to young Nigerians,

adding that, through innovative digital tools, the programme would equip

young Nigerians with the necessary skills to reduce waste and pollution,

making better use of waste generated, and guaranteeing environmental


“The GreenVETAfrica project will also help to close the existing skills

gap and shortage of professional figures, capable of supporting a twin

(green and digital) sustainable transition. It will design and pilot an

innovative VET programme, that will cater for the demands of the market,

while helping to mitigate the brain drain from the two African

countries, and reduce the risk of illegal and unsafe migration of

youth”, he stressed.

He stated that LAWMA would work closely with the partners, to ensure

that the project objectives were achieved, adding that the project would

foster official accreditation of the GVA VET programme, by both Nigeria

and Ghana authorities, to promote the learners’ employability, to

increase local employment opportunities.

Odumboni remarked that the nomination marked a watershed in the agency’s

efforts at establishing the culture of environmental sustainability in

Lagos State, especially through its educational arm, LAWMA Academy, as a

veritable tool to effectively impart knowledge of proper waste