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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Grace Nation :The Battle at the Gate Determine How Far You Can go in Life – Dr Chris Okafor


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  • Mental illness Disappear at Grace Nation PHD Service

The important of Gate cannot be over emphasised, Gate in a physical world give you access to your home, if the gate is close either by your Gateman to gain Access to your home becomes difficult

Also in the spiritual world Gate are mounted and controlled by the Spiritual Gatekeepers, they determine your movement in Life, Only with Prayers you are quaranttee to control or Possess the Gate

Speaking on the Topic The Battle at the Gate, the Led Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor explained that except with fervent prayers, there is a law that prohibit your movement at the gate, except your change the Law, some law prohibits greatness, breakthrough but for you not to be stopped you must understand the dynamism and the Principles of the Territories, the Law that Govern the gate otherwise your breakthroughs might be deterred by the Gate keepers

Gatekeepers determined what comes in and go out of the gate, you can change the law through prayers then your breakthrough shall be certain why because Prayers is what Gives God licence to act on your behalf

Meanwhile God uses his servant, the Generational Prophet Of God Dr Chris Okafor to delivered a young man who is under the weakness of Mental illness, According to his brother who brought him from sokoto, said he because sick with mental problem since 2004 after visiting lagos.

He said they have taken him to different places without help not until they located and brought him to Grace Nation. The Man of God located the young man and unravelled the misery behind his illness and was prayed for, immediately the man gain himself back and the spirit of insanity left him.

The realms of the Prophetic witness deverse miracles, the Generational Prophet of God, go deeper to expose altars where many people were kept and set them free, He also Releases over 86 Miracle Babies to mothers waiting for the Lord

The Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance service PHD was climax with prayers, more prayers for the economy of the nation and prayers for a successful election come 2023