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Wednesday, April 17, 2024



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In every democratic setting, the success or faliure of any government lies squarely at the doors of the political party that presented the individuals that leads and runs the government at any given point in time. That is why it behoves every serious political party seeking to lead to seriously vet it’s key party officials and functionarirs and ensure that the right cogs are positioned in the right holes to make a cohesive whole that will best ensure the success of it’s manifesto and campaign promises.

As the All Progressives Congress, the Nigerian Ruling Party National Convention holding later this month draws nearer, one position that the party must pay serious attention to if it hope to retain power at the center by winning the forthcoming 2023 General Elections is the office of the Party’s Youth Leader and the individual that is elected to occupy that office. This is so for many obvious and cogent reasons.

Firstly, looking at the demographic divide of Nigera’s eligible voters, the youths makes up the largest majority. Consequently, the party that is most able to mobilize and galvanise the Nigerian youths to its side is sure to be the sure victor in the coming electoral contest.

Secondly, the present national realities occasioned by youths disenchantment that has created upheavals and unrest across the nation in recent years are indications that the Nigerian youths are tired of the status quo and want more stake and involvement in running the affairs of the country. In other words, the Nigerian Youth wants to take their destinies into their own hands. So the APC will do itself a big favour by ensuring that the right person with the needed charisma, a clear understanding and empathy with the yearnings of the Nigerian Youth, a man with principled and independent streak, a man that will not be an appendage of any other interests but save that of the Nigerian Youth is elected to occupy that position. Amongst the list of aspirants for the Youth Leader of the APC, one man only that fits the creeterea stated above is no other person than Dr. Blessing Agbemhere popularly known as AWO by his theeming admirers.

A look at Agbomhere, a one time governorship and House of Prepresentative contestant in Edo State and Estakor Centra lFederal Constituency under the APC respectively.

Blessing is an epitome of the classic Nigerian Youth born into an humble background but with vision, determination and unwavering focus all founded in integrity and hardwork have not only made the very best out of practically nothing to get to the peak of his chosen career; journalism but made a success of himself and become a blessing to thousands outside and within his immediate community.

To successfully nevigate any road, you need the help and input of one who has pass through that road before. Blessing Agbomhere has passed through anything any Nigerian youth of his generation has seen. He has witnessed the pangs of hunger and want and scaled through. He has suffered the pains of struggling for money for his education and scaled through. Blessing has, armed with his educational laurels, trudged the streets of Nigeria’s major cities looking for a job and working on barely survival wages just to get by. He has taken the pains to empower himself by starting little as a media entrepreneur, facing and summounting countless challenges to make a a success of his efforts. In fact, Blessing is a perfect symbol of the struggling Nigerian Youth.
Over the years, Awo as he is fondly called by admirers can be trusted to carry the touch of the long miliegned Nigerian Youth. He is independent minded, cerebral, charismatic and incorrigible. He feels the pain of the Nigerian youths and speak their language. These and many more are the reasons APC will do itself a world of good if they give this young man the baton to lead the Nigerian youths on its behalf and for it outmost benefit in the coming National Convention.