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Friday, June 14, 2024

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader optimistic about next year’s elections


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The main opposition leader in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa, feels optimistic about winning next year’s presidential elections.

Chamisa narrowly lost the general elections in 2018 to Emerson Mnangagwa in what he denounced as a stolen vote.

“They know that we constitute an alternative, they know that we defeated them in 2018. And we’re about to repeat that. Not just in the by-elections, but also in the 2023 election, with is a big gap. So they have tried to decimate us, to destroy us, to divide us, to de-focus us, but they have failed…” said Nelson Chamisa.

Referring to the change of name of his party announced this week, from Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Chamisa claims it’s a break from the past.

“We need to fix Zimbabwe in order to restore the dignity of the citizens. And that is what we are doing. So of course we have not rebranded. It’s a new party, it’s a fresh start, it’s a new beginning, it’s a new dawn. It’s sunrise in Zimbabwe” added Chamisa.

In an interview with AFP, the presidential hopeful added that the change in leadership in Zambia had given him a lot of hope for Zimbabwe that has been ruled by the same party, ZANU-PF, for nearly 42 years.

“We are so excited that Zambia has given us a huge momentous wealth … Which is going to also spill over across the Zambezi river. And of course we hope that Zimbabwe is going to be an exciting opportunity going forward”, concluded Chamisa.

By Africanews