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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Microsoft adds new innovation to Teams app


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Microsoft has said it will soon launch Mesh, a metaverse-inspired feature, for its Teams app.

According to the company, Mesh will allow users to introduce personalised avatars in digital worlds, making meetings more immersive. The company said users in meetings would feel more immersed because the app would introduce digital representations of the user for applications like team calls.

Microsoft added that the avatars would be able to meet and greet each other in an immersive, digital world. The company said this new feature would be available for users with smartphones, laptops, or even holographic devices.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Jeff Teper, was quoted as saying, “Mesh is a way to Signal we’re in the same virtual space, we’re one team, we’re one group, and help take the formality down a peg and the engagement up a peg.

“We’ve seen that those tools have accomplished both goals of helping a team be more effective and also helping individuals be more engaged.”

According to the company, for most users, Mesh won’t be much more than 3D personalised avatars that mimic speech, and not movements. The company added that businesses would also be able to create their own metaverses within Teams, where people can virtually mingle and collaborate.

Microsoft Technical Fellow, Alex Kipman, said, “As a company whose focus is on productivity, on knowledge workers, it’s something that customers are really asking us for, and it’s coupled with the vision of mixed reality that we’ve been working on for 12 years. It’s all coming together.”