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Friday, May 24, 2024



You don’t like Bola Tinubu, but you are one of Atiku Abubakar’s main fans. How did Atiku make his own wealth and billions too?
You say, you hate Tinubu, because of the way he has made it big in the system, but Dino Melaye; Asari Dokubo; Tompolo are your role models. Where did those guys get all the big money they have been flouting in our faces from?! How did they make the big money?!
You say Tinubu is a thief, but Obasanjo is the saint you can die for. Where did Obasanjo become a wealthy man from? From the Chinese or Canadian political system?!
You say Tinubu is your problem, but Saraki is your political idol. Who are the Saraki family in the politics of Kwara State and how did that family become stupendously wealthy in Nigeria?!
You say you can never like Tinubu, because he is very wealthy, and I ask, how did the Adeleke’s; Omisore’s; Akande’s; Adenuga’s, Otedola’s made their billions in Nigeria?!
Is it not from the same Nigerian system they also made it?!
You say over your dead body, Tinubu can never be your president in Nigeria. You say it is Akpabio or Yahaya Bello you want. Have you asked them, if they are saints or perfect human beings as well?! Of course, they also made their wealths from the same Nigeria’s political system!
You hate to hear Tinubu’s name, but Peter Obi, Rochas Okorocha are your political heroes in Nigeria. Go and ask them how they also became very wealthy from the same system you are attacking Tinubu for, if they would tell you the truth!
You say Tinubu is corrupt, but Bode George is your political father. Where did Bode Geroge get the big wealth he is living on from?!
How did all those stupendously wealthy Northerners get their wealths from?! Is it not from the same Nigeria’s political system?!
You say Tinubu is wrong for the system, but Gani Adams is your perfect man for the job of the next president of Nigeria. How did Gani Adams become a wealthy Aareonakakanfo in today’s Nigeria?!
You say Tinubu is one of the problems of Nigeria, but Fashola is the prefect President Nigeria is waiting for. Who was Fashola before he became the governor of Lagos State? Besides, is Fashola not also a big boy in the system now?! Or is Osinbajo not also a better man from the political system today?!
You say Tinubu is a corrupt political billionaire, and I ask you to tell me how these other people you celebrate made their own wealths as well. How did they become overnight wealthy men in Nigeria?!
The fact of the matter is that, every politically successful millionaires and economic billionaires in today’s Nigeria, made their fortunes the same way Tinubu made his own from the same system.
Even all our billionare religious leaders and General Overseers made their wealths through sheer exploitation the Nigerian system affords them.
The system provided the opportunities and they either cashed in on it or explored it.This is what my own father, couldn’t see, when all these successful Nigerians saw it.
It is, therefore, unintelligently unreasonable to be celebrating your own Nigerian idols, while you expect other people to hate their own.
Every successful politician in today”s Nigeria made it from the same peculiar system all of us are complaining about. Our own political idols also made it from the same peculiar and ‘corrupt’ system the way your own political idols and celebs made it as well – They made it from the same system, but won’t ever tell you how!
If it is true, that Tinubu is a thief to you, what makes you think that wealthy and successful Nigerian you are celebrating is not a thief like him as well.
In today’s Nigeria, it is the story of the pot calling kettle black. The problem is with the system all of us have created.
You can’t be celebrating your own typical Nigerian politicians around other people’s consciousness, but expect them not to like or support their own for their own reasons as well.
We all know why we love, who we love and hate, who we hate.
That Dino Melaye; James Ibori; Chibuike Amechi; Asari Tokunbo; Kwankwaso; Mallam Elrufai; Kayode Fayemi; Nyesome Wike; Seyi Makinde; Aliko Dangote; Femi Otedola; Olusegun Obasanjo; Femi Gbajabiamila; Mudashiru Obasa; Musiliu Obanikoro; Yemi Osinbajo and many more around Nigeria that you love and idolise so much, also have ardent haters or people who can’t stick them for an hour. That is the way life is. If it is not so, then they are not humans, let alone be in politics.
However, that Bola Tinubu you hate to hear his name for your own reason, also have die hard lovers, supporters and people who want him to be their next president in Nigeria after 2023 for their own purpose.
So, if you don’t like him for your own reason(s), I want you to know that many and millions of Nigerians love him die hardly for their own reasons as well.
Tinubu can’t be loved by everybody; He can’t be hated by everybody. All he needs to continue to progress and succeed politically is the love and acceptance of the majority.
In politics and democracy, you can’t be loved and accepted by all; you can’t be hated and rejected by all. Jesus Christ wasn’t and isn’t loved by all humanity!
To millions of Nigerians, Bola Tinubu remains their political idols for their own reasons.
That is the peculiar nature of democracy!
In life or in democracy, you can’t get the vote, support or the love of everybody. It is not possible! All you need is the love and acceptance of the majority of the people.
Because, in political democracy, the minority will always have their say, but the majority their way.
Bola Tinubu, just like that person you love to be the next president of Nigeria, does not need the love and acceptance of everybody to realise his political aspiration or ambition in Nigeria, but the love and acceptance of the majority of the voters.
Everybody cannot love and vote for who you love; everybody cannot hate and reject who I love.
You and I are not loved by everybody either. We all have our admirers and haters. We all have people, who hate to see our faces in anything.
If it is true that Bola Tinubu is aspiring to be the next president of Nigeria, he himself knows he can’t get the supports and votes of everybody in Nigeria, but the love and acceptance of the majority of the political actors; Nigerians of goodwill and voters in Nigeria.
In democracy, you can’t get the votes of everybody, but the will of the majority.
You like Obasanjo, Atiku, Sowore, Tambuwal, Zulum and co. for your own reasons, I like Bola Tinubu to be the next president of Nigeria for my own reason.
You probably don’t like Bola Tinubu for your own reason, I love him for my own reasons!”
However, of the truth, all the people we love and hate are products of the same peculiar political system all of us are making our living from.
I like to ask: How do you earn your living or make your own money as well?!
Some of us are very quick to attack and condemn others, even when it hasn’t been proved by the courts that they are criminals, but we celebrate that our wealthy custom officer; civil servant; church founder; police officers et al. Is that wealth from their statutory salaries or emoluments?!
While it not wrong to condemn any act of economic sabotage and corruption in Nigeria, but I am sure, if we, or our own fathers too, had the same opportunities, they would have also been wealthy. And I am sure, we won’t hate them or be among those, who would be attacking them for that today.
You love Atiku, Saraki, Babangida and co., because you know they are not one of those saints, the Nigerian system has long been looking for, I love Tinubu, Buhari, Osinbajo and co. for my own reasons.
Political democracy is like that. If it is not so, then it is not DEMOCRACY! It is not politics!
Stop hating!
Somebody somewhere hates you too for his own reason(s)!
Every crook and saint in Nigeria makes it big or small the way others make it. Ask them how, if they would ever be honest with you!

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